Origini Edizioni is happy to announce the results of the Open Call for its first Masterclass The Artist Photobook - The Making Of

First of all, we would like to thank all the applicants.

The selection of the applicants was avery difficult task due to the extremely high quality and large number of submissions.

Due to the high level of interest and the large number of applications received, we have decided to exceed our maximum number of participants to 12 and accept 4 more applicants.

Also, those who were not selected for this Masterclass, will have the opportunity to participate in our fall Masterclass in September (dates and Open Call to be announced soon).

Selected participants for Masterclass in May 2024 (alphabetically ordered):

- Jennifer Baron
- Monique Belier
- Anna Giuntini
- Ruslan Hrushchak
- François Marie Jonquet
- Pascale Le Lann
- Dario Mannucci
- Jacopo Papucci
- Birgit Püve
- Alessandro Silverj
- Julie Van der Vaart
- Olya Vysotskaya

We look forward to seeing you in May at Origini’s Atelier!