Ilias Georgiadis, creative director

Matilde Vittoria Laricchia, editorial director

Eugenia Koval, handmade production manager

Erminia Aurora Rizzacasa, design finalisation manager


Origini Edizioni atelier is located in Via del Forte San Pietro, 14 - 57123 Livorno, Tuscany, Italy.

We welcome by appointment.



Submission guidelines:

Origini Edizioni accepts unsolicited submissions.

If you wish to submit your project, we invite you to send it by email to our creative director:, including on the subject line your name and surname following “Origini Submission”.

Our direction is to create a new dummy together with the artist. So we ask you not to send already-made dummies on PDF.

Your email should include:

a) a PDF containing the images of series you wish to propose;

b) a short text or statement about the work;

c) bio/CV;

d) any other material you think is necessary for the work proposed (video links, installation examples etc.).

Thank you for thinking of us!