(The applicants who were not selected for this Masterclass, will have the opportunity to

participate in our next Masterclass in 2025.)

Selected participants:

Camille Renée Devid

Paolo Maggi

Thomas Rink

Demulder Dirk

Flavia Antoniazzi

Lukas Ipsmiller

Nanouk Prins

Fabio Camilli

Ira Kostyuk

Monica Colombo

We look forward to seeing you in September at Origini’s Atelier!

We are happy to announce our Masterclass:

"The Artist photobook - The Making Of"

September 4-8, 2024

at Origini’s Atelier in Livorno, Tuscany

Topics to be discussed:

Understanding the artist photo-book concept

Editing & Sequencing

Layout & Design

Handmade Binding Techniques

During this five days Masterclass, Origini Edizioni will share with the participants all the knowledge and craftsmanship of how to turn a body of work into a handmade artist photobook.

The topics to be explored are: Editing and sequencing process, book concept (brainstorming and design), the right use of materials, how the printing process works and fundamental binding techniques.

The masterclass is designed for photographers who are interested in exploring the complete process that Origini follows in order for an artistphotobookto be produced.

The aim of this Masterclass is that the same process will be followed for the projects that participants will bring with them in order for a hand-made dummy to be created from Origini until the end of the masterclass, for each participant.

All the photographers will be expected to participate creatively and conceptually in synergy with Origini’s team and staff in order to create the best result. During the workshop, Origini Edizioni will share its experience in the field, and its approach to photography books and their production, concept and design.

The workshop is divided into two parts.

In the first part (September 4 & 5) Ilias Georgiadis (Origini’s Creative Director) will lecture on how to edit and sequence a body of work and will present his first ideas about each participant’s work. Then, all the layouts and designs will be finalized together with the participants. On September 6, the finalized layouts will be printed and Ilias together with Matilde Vittoria Laricchia (Origini’s Editorial Director) and Eugenia Koval (Origini’s handmade production manager) will lecture about Origini’s tradition and approach in the handmade artist-book making, while presenting Origini’s titles and catalog and showcasing Origini’s Atelier.

In the second part (September 7 & 8) all the printed dummies will be professionally cut and sequenced in the atelier and then Eugenia will showcase and teach three different binding techniques that will be implemented on the dummies produced. The binding techniques will be sewn thread booklet (single and with multiple booklets), perfect binding with thread and glue and Japanese stab binding. At the end of the day, all the dummies produced will be exhibited at the atelier together with a closing event.

Before the Masterclass each confirmed participant will be contacted with a first feedback on the work submitted and a general idea of the design approach that will be followed for the work during the Masterclass days.


September 4-8, 2024.

The approximate schedule will be: 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m every day except September 6 (the duration will be shorter), with possible changes in start and end times. On each day there will be coffee and lunch breaks. Flexibility is required in terms of the following time frame (both in start and ending times). Only confirmed participants will be contacted with detailed information on the daily schedule.


It is required to bring a laptop with all the necessary high resolution pictures available.In addition to the images, participants are encouraged to bring any other material that relates to the work submitted such as texts and/or visual elements or illustrations.


Origini’s Atelier is located in Via del Forte San Pietro, 14 - 57123 Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. The closest airport is at Pisa. It is possible to travel from Rome in appr. 3 hour train route to Tuscany and Livorno.


€ 500,00

Participation is confirmed after complete payment following the announcement of the open call results. All the expenses for the dummy production are included in the participation fee.

Travel or accommodation is not included. Origini Edizioni will be happy to assist participants in finding proper facilitated accommodation and proper travel plans.


Registrations to this open call are accepted

from 27 May 2024 until 16 June 2024 (application deadline).

Please apply by filling the registration form above including a folder with the submitted project.

After the application material is received, Origini will send you a confirmation email.

After the deadline, Origini Edizioni will announce the results of this open call and the selected participants. The participants will be selected based on their applications and submitted portfolios. The main selection criteria is the quality of the submitted work. We would like to thank all the applicants for their deep interest in Origini but please note that we will not be able to discuss the results of the selection process and/or reply to individual inquiries about it.


No refund is possible for cancellations made within one month before the Masterclass.


Ilias Georgiadis, Eugenia Koval, Matilde Vittoria Laricchia

Ilias Georgiadis

Born in northern Greece, Ilias started experimenting with the photographic medium at the age of 19. After extensive travels in 2011, he stopped his university studies(in mathematics) and started making pictures in an obsessive way. Ηis main interest focuses on what he prefers to name “poetic image-making” in the current context of social and interpersonal issues about the human condition. He follows this approach from 2012 and continues until now. Ilias’ work has been shown in solo and group shows across the world, international festivals in Europe, Asia and Australia and has been featured in catalogs, in-depth articles, interviews and other on-line and printed publications. His prints are part of various private collections and his photobooks "Over.State", "Vialattea" and "Forecast" are part of public libraries. He has won prestigious awards with his works and photobooks whilst the books were included in numerous best-of lists. He conducts and curates the “Fortnight” mentoring programme as well as “The Poetic Encounter” workshop and other master classes in photography. Recently, he published his first literature poetry book "Κρύπτες από δάφνη" (Ο Μωβ Σκίουρος-2022) in Greek. "Forecast" (first and second edition) -his third photobook- published in 2023. Since May 2023, he is the new creative director of the publishing house Origini Edizioni.

Eugenia Koval:

(Ukraine, 1984) Gives shape to the artisan soul of Origini Edizioni: the fusion of hands, mind and heart. Eugenia knows the art of everything that can be done with paper: bindings, covers, paper making, sewing and cutting. She started as a co-worker in Origini Edizioni in 2019, becoming handmade production manager in 2022. She produced many well-known Origini's titles, such as “A Geography of Abandonment” by Raymond Meeks, “Forecast” by Ilias Georgiadis, “Only For Now” by Joseph Rovegno and “Phenomena” by Morganna Magee.

Matilde Vittoria Laricchia:

(Livorno, 1985) The Editorial Director of Origini Edizioni and co-founder. She embarked on the path of artist photographic publishing in 2012, putting her artistic-literary training at the service of the project. Her management boasts fifty titles and as many collaborations: the trait d'union is the uncompromising expressive necessity. Matilde began giving concepts to the books and voice to the ideas of the artists involved: she chose the texts for the books or wrote them herself. Today she is strongly involved in book design and aesthetics choices, knowing materials and working processes.