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Michèle Mettler



This is a photobook about acupuncture. The needles draw acupoints and these are joined together as constellations on the body: each point of raid is a contact with the soul.

The title means “second door of soul”: this is the translation of a real ancient Chinese acupoint.

Technical informations:

Photos by Michèle Mettler.

Design by Valentino Barachini

Texts by Massimiliano Barachini.

Language: English.

100 copies numbered and signed.

Closed book dimensions: 29x48 cm

17 pages, 13 photos in b/n, 7 texts.

Binding in black cotton by sewing machine.

Nr. 1 extra-book Photo in b/w ( 24x30cm) printed on thin commercial old paper.

Collectors’ edition adds to the trade one a big photogravure (plate dimension: 21x26,5cm) printed on rice paper in 30 copies numbered and signed.