Origini edizioni


Valentino Barachini


This is the second chapter of the series of photogravures (Silenzi, Respira, Nous).

This work is a reflection on men that become awares of being part of nature.


The book consists of:

A canvas + cardboard hardcover folder color

sugar paper and orange, 25 copies, numbered and signed: the folder contains 3 polymer photogravures numbered and signed by Valentino Barachini and an etching numbered and signed by Massimo Dell'Innocenti; a booklet in 12 pages including photos and drawing, three poems + extra-book text.


Closed book dimensions: 28,5 x 33 cm.

The photogravures are printed on a pure cotton paper 30 x 25 cm.

Photogravure's plate dimensions: 12 x 15 cm

Languages: italian, english.


Design, photos and handcrafted realization by Valentino Barachini.

Texts and copywriting by Matilde V. Laricchia.

English translation by Massimiliano Barachini.


The photogravures were pulled by hand in 25 copies on pure cotton paper Rosaspina Fabriano.