Origini edizioni


Christopher De Béthune


This is the memory of a gone love story: an experience of light and shadow; white, black and shaded in the edge. The subjects and the words of the author are sublimated by time and are returned to us as a brief experience of overwhelming passion, pain and inspiration. The Orion’s belt as an inscrutable cold keeper of this memory.


Photos and poems by Christopher De Béthune

Translation by Massimiliano Barachini

Design by Origini edizioni

150 copies numbered and signed

Closed book dimensions: 32x19 cm

72 pages, 32 b/w photos, 2 poems

Languages: french and English


Trade edition adds to the book a print on pink paper (80gr) 32x22,5 cm


Collectors edition adds to the book a serigraphy printed on glossy silvered cardboard in 30 copies numbered and signed

Extra - edition in 50 copies