Origini edizioni

MNM - Memoria Natura Morte

Valentino Barachini



 This folder is another declination, another chapter of the interest by Valentino Barachini in the studies of Aby Warburg.

This work - in a very limited edition of 20 copies built entirely by hand - brings back the subterranean and atavistic suggestions that arise from everyday images, from life memories and from the experience of death.

As in the previous work of Barachini Semi, each picture and its combinations - instinctive or thoughtful- may suggest a concept or an event. Here everything is accompanied by texts suggestions specially written and quotes from Michel Foucault’s The Order of Things.

Technical informations:

Photos, design and handcrafted realisation by Valentino Barachini.

Texts by Matilde Vittoria Laricchia, Valentino Barachini e Massimiliano Barachini.

 English translations by Massimiliano Barachini

 Papers: Fabriano Tiziano Grafite 160 gr, Burgo Selena New Ivory 95 gr, Favini Magic Cream 140 gr, old folders from school registers

 20 copies numbered and signed.

Each folder contains 8 cards with texts and photos ( 4 colours and b/w) handcrafted finished with gold paint. (total: 64 photos).

 Closed book dimensions: 29,5 x 39,5 cm

 Languages: Italian, English