Origini edizioni


Margaret Lansink


The skin does not lie: it’s a person’s age map; it’s the paper where his choices, failures, passions, fears are written on. The body defines ourselves, it stratifies and heals passing of time under veils, blankets and hidings. As the trunk to the trees.

As the paper to this book: it changes, it is crumpled or turns thin and transparent, defining - thanks to Ingrid De Kok’s words - the map of a weathered body.

Photos by Margaret Lansink

Project and handcrafted realisation by Origini edizioni

Paper: Selena New Ivory Burgo 95 gr + Pergamenata Naturale Fedrigoni Ivory 90 gr +  Cromática Thieberge & Comar Turquoise 90 gr + white and golden tissue papers 30 gr

150 copies numbered and signed. 30 copies of them are collectors’ editions. Collectors’ edition add the book a print on baryta paper (13x18 cm) printed in dark room by Margaret Lansink.

24 pages, 23 photos b/w + 10 photos into a small issue (4 colors)

Closed book dimensions: 42x28 cm

Language: English



Margaret Lansink is a fine art photographer who works and lives in a tiny village just above Amsterdam. Lansink received a BA from the Photoacademy in Amsterdam, studied for one year at LeMasterklass and one year at Smedsby Atelier, both in Paris. Her series ‘Borders of Nothingness - On the Mend’ has been awarded the Grand Prize of Hariban Award 2019, and has been shortlisted for Gomma Grant 2018. Lansink’s work has been shown in many places all over the world, including her native Netherlands, but also in Belgium, France, Spain, UK, Lithuania, USA, Japan, Georgia among other places in total. Margaret has published four books - three of them are handmade by the photographer herself - and one more book will be launched in Oktober 2020. Margaret is member of FemmesPHOTOgraphes Paris and member/founder of iwi_collective. Additionally, she often coaches young photographers in developing their signature and portfolio. a honorable mention in 2018 as well as the Big Print Photo contest Amsterdam in 2015 & Dutch New Talent 2013.