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This book tells a story about Ethiopia by photos and poems.


Ethiopia is seen as the archetype of the relationship between man and land, the promise of life in the city and poverty. This work leaves nothing to aesthetics and unnecessary, and its lyricism is the goal to which it comes through the beaten path. The book is deliberately poor: stitching bound and simply kept in a cardboard box.

This work and its gaunt photography testify a conscious ethical force, a human and stylistic choice that springs from the search for Truth.

"Finchè tornerai terra" means "till thou return unto the ground, to the dust".


Photos by Valentino Barachini

Poems and copywriting by Matilde Vittoria Laricchia.

English translations by Massimiliano Barachini.


100 copies numbered and signed

Closed book dimensions: 21 x 15 cm approximately

150 pages, 80 photos in 4 colours and b/w

10 texts

Languages: italian and english

The book is kept in a cardboard box

Collectors' edition consists in 30 copies with an ambrotype 10 x 7 cm by Valentino Barachini





Basic edition: 100 euro

Collectors’ edition: sold out