STRADE - Poster Fotopoetici

4 photo-poetic posters: "Io", "Vivere per lavorare", "Perdo la strada", "Dietro le cose".


Poems and texts by Sylvia Plath, Paul Celan, Emily Dickinson, Mario Luzi, Patrizia Cavalli, Vincent Van Gogh.

Copywriting by Matilde V. Laricchia.

Photos, design and handcrafted realization by Valentino Barachini.

50 copies numbered and signed.

Closed dimensions: 33 x 27 cm.

Dimensions of each poster: 64,5x31 cm, 47x31 cm, 46x45 cm, 48,5x49.5 cm

Languages: Italian, English, Deutsch.



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