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The third and last photogravure's folder: after "Silenzi" (the mankind does not exist but only the silent Nature); after "Respira" (the man appears but is dominated and he's only part of Nature), finally "Noûs": man becomes aware of himself and of his intelligence, he can dominate Nature, and he's able to create Beauty but also Misery and ugliness.


Photos, design and handcrafted made by Valentino Barachini.

English translation by Massimiliano Barachini.

25 copies numbered and signed.

These polymer photogravures have been realized by the ancient photomechanical process that transfers the photographic negative on a zinc plate, thus producing an incision in relief whence is printed the photo. The photogravures were pulled by hand in 25 copies on pure Italian cotton paper Magnani.


The folder (28,5x33cm) - in hard cardboard and canvas - contains 3 photogravures 30x25 (zinc plate's dimensions 12x15) and 1 letterpress print; 1 thin book with 7 colours photos and 2 poetic texts.


Languages: Italian and English.



Price: 200 euro