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The book tells about a travel in Estonia, into the wood, in the footsteps of wolves. The silence and the snow. The occasion for hunting: of meaning, of God.

Photos by Alexandre Christiaens

Project by Valentino Barachini

Copywriting by Matilde V. Laricchia.

Translation by Jeanne De Visscher e Massimiliano Barachini.

Languages: italian, English and French.

100 copies numbered and signed


Closed book dimensions: 29x24cm approximately.

50 pages, 38 photos in 4 colours and b/w.

Collectors' edition adds to book a photograph printed on baritated paper in a darkroom (no inkjet) in 30 copies, numbered and signed by Alexandre Christiaens.




Trade edition: 45 €


Extra -ediz. in 50 copie