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"Parole" series



Poems by Tommaso Di Dio. Photos by Valentino Barachini.
English translations by Massimiliano Barachini.




BASIC EDITION- (50 copies)

It consists in a light yellow folder that contains:

- 1 thin book (14,5x24cm) with 12 poems by Tommaso Di Dio, 2 photos b/w, 3 drawings. In Old and laid paper. Simple handcrafted binding in red cotton and bamboo.

- 2 photo-concertinas with 7 photos by Valentino Barachini (14,5x24cm)

Each copy is numbered and signed.



COLLECTORS’ EDITION - adds to Basic Edition a photo printed on aluminium plate (14,5x24cm).

27 copies (represent a little bird in a hand) + 27 copies (represent a waterfall).

Each copy is numbered and signed.