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The title means "evening of words", the sunset of them, the end. A kind of silence, while thinking about the past: and hazy memories left behind, resurface. The short stories and poems inside also follow the flow of memory and are like flashbacks in an indefinite past: the poems of Paul Klee and the thought of Giordano Bruno, of which some extracts are found in the book. This photobook is fast like a zine but intimate like a diary.

Photos by Rafael Tanaka Monzò.

Copywriting and Prose texts by Matilde V. Laricchia.


Project by Valentino Barachini.


English translations by Massimiliano Barachini.


100 copies numbered and signed.


The book is printed on an original light-blue lined paper of the 70's and on a dirty white coated paper.


Closed book dimensions: 21,5 x 31 cm


60 pages, 28 photos in b/w.

Languages: Italian, English.


Collectors' edition adds to the Trade one, a numbered and signed serigraphy in 30 copies printed on rice paper.





Extra - edition in 50 copies